Poetry Collection

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I am rich, For I have a complete family. I have my parents' love and care, I have lovable and thoughtful.. Read more..

I went to a place and looked for something, I searched all over the ground but found nothing. I looked up.. Read more..

Sunrise is life, Sunset is death. Sunshine is dashing, Rain is heartrending. Flowers are smiling, Waterfalls.. Read more..

I am brave But deep inside, I am frail. I am afraid to fall. I am afraid of getting hurt. I am scared to try.. Read more..

Deep down in these dreams, lies the empty heart that cares, An empty heart that's full of loneliness and.. Read more..

It's hard to see you smiling, While my heart is silently crying. It's hard to look at your sparkling eyes, While.. Read more..

Wishing upon the stars to catch your eyes, Holding up my breath when you're near my sight. I felt that.. Read more..

Out of the blue, this mind is for you. Over the edge of dew, it fell through. Feelings in vain and out of the.. Read more..

Staring blankly at the dark sky, With a heart that silently cries. Wishing to be at your side, But my feelings.. Read more..

I cannot be the sun, That gives a ray of bright sunshine. I cannot be the moon, That gives the light in your.. Read more..

How could you run away from me? Leaving me with these painful tears. Why did you walk away.. Read more..

The deafening sound of silence is roaring, The silent cry is terribly echoing. The ground of darkness is.. Read more..

Life is too tough, By living with a crowded filthy mouth. Words were incessant, Disseminating fatuity.. Read more..

The moment that I saw your sweet smile, I can't help myself not to keep an eye on you. Butterflies were.. Read more..

Sun rays are peeping, A clear sky is shining. When the roosters' crow, Some alarm clocks blow. I may be.Read more..

Flip! Flip! Flip!  Turning the pages of a book without hesitation, Reading the first line all over and.. Read more..

Strange but true, It's the same old feelings That's in my heart a long time ago. Time went anew, Holding.. Read more..

Flowers in bloom, fields in green Trees grow fast, and leaves were dancin'. The sun was shining brightly, The.. Read more..

Close your eyes, And take a deep breath. Close your eyes, And forget the pain in your chest. Close.. Read more..

Sitting sadly alone on my bedside, With tears in my eyes that I cannot hide. Staring at the dark and quiet sky.. Read more..

I may be a butterfly, That makes flowers smile. I may be a night sky, That gives you a peaceful mind. I may.. Read more..

I found myself walking barefooted under the rain, On a cold, dark, and lonely night. I was alone, shivering.. Read more..

Cheer Up, Child!
The night sky was full of shining stars, Smiling brightly, even some are afar. "My child, just look above you.. Read more..

At The Coffee Shop
One boring Saturday afternoon, At the corner of the coffee shop I saw a lone table on that spot. It's round.. Read more..

Left In The Cold
I was standing at the corner, Woefully staring at nowhere. Buildings were calmly liquefying.. Read more..

Hard as it may seem again Staring with all the pain Bear in mind 'twas just a game But in heart.. Read more..

The Forlorn Love
As I watched you alone from afar Looking up blithely at the stars I saw the happiness in your eyes So.. Read more..

The Tiny Silver Birds in a Blue Pine
I was walking alone in a lonely place With a cute smile that's always on my face When I heard the birds.. Read more..

April's Birthday Bash!
Snap! Hop! Hop! Hop! Here goes the small map Rolling slowly at the top Bouncing clumsily with a small.. Read more..

What is Love?
Love. Love is the sweetest emotion in our lives. It lightens up our feelings when we're in love. It gives us.. Read more..

When I saw you walking down the street I hurriedly hugged you with wintersweet I'd waited for this moment.. Read more..

I Believe in Him
Goal is a goal Dream is a dream It doesn't matter if it's for your family nor for yourself Only you can make.. Read more..

You put my life in a place That's full of love and happiness You swept away the sadness That you'd seen in.. Read more..

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