I Am Rich!

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I Am Rich!

I am rich,
For I have a complete family.
I have my parents' love and care,
I have lovable and thoughtful sisters,
And I have naughty but sweet nephews.
I live under my parents' roof,
Full of love and support.
They do not disagree with my decisions,
They do not interfere with my dreams in life.
I may always hear my sisters' negative opinions,
But I know that it's for my own gain,

And I know that they're just worried about me.
I love them as they are my inspiration in life,
They are my motivation to pursue my goals,
And they are the reason why I am determined at work.
I may not have a thick wallet full of bills,
But my heart is bursting because of their love.
I may not have credit cards or a savings account,
But for me, they are my most precious treasure in life.
Nothing can replace them,
Nothing can buy them,
And nothing can take away their love from me.

I am rich,
For I have many friends.
Old friends,
New friends,
Close friends and best friends.
I may not always at their sides,
But they're always in my mind.
True friends,
Fake friends,
It doesn't matter to me.
For as long as I live and laugh,
I'm glad that I met them,
And I'm glad that I got a chance to know them.

Destiny is what it's called,
For we are not blood-related,
We may have lots of differences,
But we still welcomed and trusted each other.
We tell them who we are,
And we tell them what we are.
A friends' love is forever,
Infinite, as it never ends.
I may have met some new friends,

But my old friends,
Don't worry 'coz you're still my friends,
And you'll always be in my heart.
For I am fortunate to have you,
Who loves and cares about me like my sisters.
I care for you, and I think of you,
For you are God's gift to me.
I love you, my friends,
Know that I'll treasure you forever.

I am rich,
For I am God's child.
I was born and welcomed with God's love,
And I grew up with strong faith in God.
I may not be a perfect child,
But I put God first in my heart.
I may not have time to pray solemnly,
But every minute, I thanked God for what I have.

I always thanked Him for the blessings I received,
And I always thanked Him for being with me every day.
For guiding and protecting me in my journey,
For always giving me a new morning,
And for giving me the courage to continue my adventure.
I love the Almighty God,
For He gave me my family and friends.
My love for Him is never-ending,
And my faith in Him is mighty.

I am rich,
For I have a loving family,
I have lots of caring friends,
And I have the Almighty God.
But I might be richer,
If I have you in my life.

Written by MylaRoseG.
Saturday, January 2, 2016

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