Your Sweet Smile

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Your Sweet Smile

The moment that I saw your sweet smile,
I can't help myself not to keep an eye on you.
Butterflies were happily flying around,
While holding my breath on the ground.
For I was stunned by your lovely eyes,
That was sparkling like an angel's eyes.

You took a few steps without blinking,
My heart beats faster without stopping.
The stars that surround you were sparkling,
Like the diamonds, that were brightly shining.
My feelings came out from its hiding place,
Just to feel the loveliness of your face.
A handsome face with lovely brown eyes,
And a handsome face with a sweet smile.

How lovely you were when you curved your lips,
With those so white and aligned teeth.
When you smile, there were small wrinkles in your eyes,
That made your face more angelic and young.
Your smile made everyone smile too,
That caught everyone's attention and fell through.

Some teens were giggling when you passed them by,
Even the grandmas were secretly looking while eating an apple pie.
Some guys looked at you with an insecure face,
Because their gay friends' eyes were shining while staring at your face.

How I wish I was the reason for those sweet smiles,
And I will treasure it 'til the rest of my life.

Written by MylaRoseG.
Sunday, December 15, 2013

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