Wounded Heart

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Wounded Heart

It's hard to see you smiling,
While my heart is silently crying.
It's hard to look at your sparkling eyes,
While mine was about to cry.
It's hard to hear your lovely voice,
While mine is unable to laugh and broke.
My eyes were filled with emptiness,
While yours were full of happiness.

How foolish it seems to be,
Waiting alone in an empty place.
Wishing for the sun to kiss the ground,
Wishing that the stars will shine on daylight.
Dark tears were heavy and unbearable,
Leaving too much pain and incurable.
Words from your mouth were sharp and abrupt
That leads my pitiful heart into a trapped.

Darkness swallowed the hopeful mind,
Dragged into a cold-blooded eye.
Stumbled upon the hardships and lies,
Forgetting things that were in mind.
Prayed to see the golden sunrise,
But darkness scattered all over the sky.
A heart that cares was left empty-handed,
Crying woefully, broken, and wounded.

Written by MylaRoseG.
Friday, May 29, 2015

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