The Truth of Life

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The Truth of Life

Sunrise is life,
Sunset is death.
Sunshine is dashing,
Rain is heartrending.
Flowers are smiling,
Waterfalls are crying.
Love is inspiring,
Expectation's heart killing.

Our life has a sad story,
Yet full of sweet memories.
We may be sad today,
But tomorrow we are happy.
We may be feeling down today,
But our blessings are on their way.
We may be lost our way,
But the light is waiting in a faraway.

Our life is short,
Our life is not permanent.
We may die alone,
And everything will be unknown.
But our soul will be at home,
It will be in God's paradise and throne.
It will be at peace and will never be alone,
And love will still be in the moon.

Life is easy,
Life sometimes is busy.
We forget the small things that are important to us,
And tend to focus on those that only hurt us.
We forget those people who love us,
And look for someone who is not meant for us.

Life is truly like a rosary,
As it is full of mystery.
We always do our best,
But it is not enough for a test.
Life has its ups and downs that persist,
That's why God reminded us of this.
Don't forget to breathe,
And don't forget to rest.

Written by MylaRoseG.
Saturday, December 21, 2013

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