The Hidden Feelings

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The Hidden Feelings

Wishing upon the stars to catch your eyes,
Holding up my breath when you're near my sight.
I felt that my bony cheeks were blushing,
Every time you caught me staring.
My heart beats faster every time I hear your voice,
My feet were trembling every time I hear your footsteps coming near.
I once saw you walking with your head down,
Wearing a bonnet that you bought in town.
The color looks good with your grey jacket,
And your hands were inside of your pockets.
You were smiling with your headset on,
Listening to her favorite music while heading on.

I was standing at the corner holding a grocery bag,
With a feeling that I wanna go with you, and hug.
I wish I was at your side holding your hands,
Laughing together while walking with the band.
Talking about the future with only you and me,
Full of love and care that everyone can see.
My feelings for you went deeper and deeper,
Each time I looked at you, my heart grew bigger.
How far will I have to go just to see your face? 
How long will I have to wait just to feel your love? 
Will it be possible to meet an empty soul alone? 
Will it be possible to have your heart without its beat?

Someday, somehow, it will be you and me forever,
As destiny will find its way to bring our hearts together.

Written by MylaRoseG.
Saturday, December 21, 2013

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