The Green-Eyed Monster

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The Green-Eyed Monster

Life is too tough,
By living with a crowded filthy mouth.
Words were incessant,
Disseminating fatuity ideas far and wide.
Minds were diabolical,
Creating troubles for being irrational.
Actions were practiced,
Exploiting someone's weakness for their thirst.
Eyes were extremely vehement,
Aggressively eyeing for their bait at any moment.

A hideous green-eyed monster,
Cannot be trusted with the letter.
Horrible as they're unpredictable,
Devious, covetous, incorrigible.
Unforgivable for creating mendacious tales,
Hateful with their thin and tiny scales.
And when they play their sordid trick,
The stentorian clock didn't stop its tick.
For they're being watched,
With their pretty little catch.

Every day they move and plan clandestinely,
Clenching enormous words desperately.
They seek the right time to bushwhack,
And wait for their great chance to do the shock.
Opportunist, attention seeker, wicked,
Heartless, selfish, hood-winker, cold-blooded.
These are just a few of their notable traits,
Remarkable for they are that great.
Great for telling lies, great for deceiving people,
And great for making people stumble and fall.

Written by MylaRoseG.
Friday, September 18, 2015

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