The Great Disaster

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The Great Disaster

Flowers in bloom, fields in green
Trees grow fast, and leaves were dancin'.
The sun was shining brightly,
The kids were playing happily.
It was such a lovely season,
To play and have fun with friends.

But the light was fading,
And darkness was coming.
Everybody went inside to their houses,
Animals went to their shelters too.
Insects hide in their own places,
Even fireflies didn't come out with their lights.

Bats were flying with fears,
Owls were crying with tears.
Kittens were hiding under their mothers',
Puppies were silently watching the others.
The night was dead silent as it seems,
Something dangerous will happen at any moment.

Children went to their beds early,
Their mother closed the window panes eagerly.
Their father went outside and searched at the darkness,
Making sure that no one's left outside the blackness.
He looked up at the dark sky with a worried mind,
And closed his eyes and took a deep sigh.

He muttered something with a worried face,
And went back inside to his family, sound asleep
He kissed his children on their foreheads,
And wished them goodnight and left.
When suddenly the fears of everyone arrived,
And this fear made his youngest cry.

The heavy rain shower in their small town,
With a strong wind that took off their roofs.
The great thunder echoed all over the sky,
And the lightning flashed like a fire.
The water has now begun to rise,
And people were screaming for help.

Many people stayed inside the house,
Fully aware that it's worst outside.
They gathered all together,
Holding a rosary and prayed together.

'Oh, Dear God!
Please forgive us for all of our sins.
Forgive us if we have failed you.
Please keep us safe from this disaster
And help us to face this calamity.
Please help us to save our loved ones.
Help our children to save their lives.'

But it's too late now,
As their town's filled with water.
Their houses drowned under,
Even the tall trees tumbled and brushed away.
The town was no more a town,
As everything got destroyed on the ground.

The night full of wailing and screaming was over.
And the morning sun came out peeping from the mountains.
The cool morning breeze softly blew all over the city.
A city where the storm landed and left with terrible scenery
Houses, buildings, everything got destroyed,
Thousands of dead bodies had found everywhere.

Under the debris of crumpled houses and toppled tree,
Found a family that was a victim of the tragedy. 
A mother was hugging her children very tightly,
Whereas their father was found miles away from his family.
A grandpa was holding grandma's fingertips.
And the other children were holding each other's hands.

It was such a tragic loss for my countrymen,
Unable to escape the wrath of nature.
May their souls rest in peace,
May their souls find heaven's light.
May God welcome them to His paradise,
As they experienced a great tragedy in life.

Written by MylaRoseG.
Thursday, November 28, 2013


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Your opinion matters so feel free to comment your thoughts on the comment section. Rest assured that your email address will not be published.

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