Silent Love

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Silent Love

Staring blankly at the dark sky,
With a heart that silently cries.
Wishing to be at your side,
But my feelings, I always hide.
My eyes were filled with loneliness,
Always looking at nothingness.
Invisible tears were slipping,
And the pain inside was crying.

Time flies too fast,
But here I am still aghast.
Trying to understand those things,
That is impossible to sing.
Catching some wild butterflies,
But just got some flying thorns.
Tried to release all of them,
But it stuck and hurt me within.

I leaned on the wall of love,
But it was only destroyed and gone.
Tried to catch it and stare,
But trust and care were not there.
I looked around silently,
Only to find out that I‘m at the alley.
The agony inside was screaming,
Trying to escape without stopping.

So I turned around confidently,
For I was determined and surely.
But what I saw was the guy that I like,
And he was looking at his girl outside.
He waved and hugged her tightly,
With so much love and sincerity.
The scene hurts me seriously,
For I cannot express my feelings directly.

Written by MylaRoseG.
Monday, December 16, 2013

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