Painful Tears

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Painful Tears

I cannot be the sun,
That gives a ray of bright sunshine.
I cannot be the moon,
That gives the light in your room.
I cannot be a soldier,
For I am not a warrior.
I cannot be the large waves,
For I'm not that strong and brave.
I cannot be like the strong wind,
For I cannot blow the light and bend.
I cannot be a sweet melody,
For I don't have a sweet lullaby.

My love for you was pure and true,
My love for you was stronger than you.
When you said you love someone else,
It gives me painful tears.
For I cannot understand why,
You showed me your love and went by.
The way you kissed and caress me,
All were so good, and it's truly be.
Words you've said were sweet and lovely,
That I am your one and only.
But those words were just lies,
For you don't care and don't love me wise.

Years went by and time flies so fast,
The painful tears you'd left stayed and last.
I can still hear your filthy words,
I can still feel the sharp sword.
I am still not free from the pain,
And I am still not ready to love again.

Written by MylaRoseG.
Sunday, May 31, 2015

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