Love Full of Fears

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Love Full of Fears

Deep down in these dreams, lies the empty heart that cares,
An empty heart that's full of loneliness and fear.
Immovable and hiding behind the dark wall,
Afraid to stand up high, for it doesn't want to fall.

Under some lonely nights, hides the cold crystal tears,
Weak and unable to move when the strong wind stirs.
Up above the sky, the lonely mind cannot fly,
Cannot go the distance, for there's no lullaby.

One freezing gloomy night, a bone-chilling wind blew,
Harsh and loud, it whistled a lonely sound and flew.
Far across the distance, snazzy lights were hiding,
Filled with fears to be thrown away without holding.

Love is fearful because of the pain and sorrow,
Love is hateful 'coz of the loneliness it brings.
Love's hurtful 'coz of mistrust and disloyalty,
Love is vulnerable, for it's everyone's weakness.

Written by MylaRoseG.
Sunday, January 3, 2016

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