Failure I Had Found

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Failure I Had Found

I went to a place and looked for something,
I searched all over the ground but found nothing.
I looked up at the sky and closed my eyes,
Bit my lips and wished it would be high.
But things there weren't right and selfish,
Things were cold and hard to accept.
It's not worth the effort,
It's not worth the time to waste.

I traveled to forget those things and unwind,
Then I found You, and I was relieved.
Relieved that you'll be there for me,
Relieved that you'll save and catch me.
But to be with you weren't right and hopeless,
To be with you was discomforting and full of lies.
It's not worth believing,
It's not worth trusting.

I searched again and found something new and interesting,
And this one was worth the golden time and mesmerizing.
But as days went by happily,
One mistake had torn me dreadfully.
Things in this place weren't right and fearful,
Things in this place were burdensome and awful.
It's not worth fighting,
It's not worth living.

One day I saw this person and changed my mind,
Of not to give up and continue what I have.
He became the apple of my eye,
Got inspired and did my best and tried.
But things weren't right and foolish,
For I don't deserve to call him 'Mine' and cherish.
It's not worth loving,
It's not worth hoping.

Now that I was left behind,
At the dark and lonely ground.
I found myself thinking of the old dreams I once had,
Old dreams where I can find my happiness.
The happiness that I am longing to have,
The happiness that will heal my broken and empty heart.

Written by MylaRoseG.
Sunday, May 31, 2015

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