Empty Inside

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Empty Inside

The deafening sound of silence is roaring,
The silent cry is terribly echoing.
The ground of darkness is severely blinding,
The cold hug is malevolently melting.

An empty heart is beating pitifully,
A hopeless tear rolled down pathetically.
And as it touches the lonely fiery ground,
Everything has turned in an unknown foreground.

A blank mind's filled with hopeless and broken words,
Trying to fix the scattered and pointed swords.
Troubled by the thought of being left alone,
That was hard to forget and move on.

The empty feeling has filled with loneliness,
No more enough space to keep the happiness.
The grief of sadness celebrates its winning,
The invisible tears didn't stop falling.

The sound of the clock was too painful to hear,
The harsh wind echoed with so much pain and fear.
Cold blood flowed inside and ripped the soul apart,
For life was dark and had a cold-blooded heart.

Written by MylaRoseG.
Saturday, December 21, 2013

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