9 Easy Steps to Remove the Powered by Blogger Footer from your Blog

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9 easy steps to remove powered by blogger footer

    How to make a professional looking blog?

    Have you wondered why the blogs with the same Blogger theme have no Powered by Blogger footer? How can you make your blog look professional if you are not tech-savvy at no additional cost?

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    Before I used this blog theme, I used the Aqua Contempo, a free theme on Blogger. I did some modifications to make my website looked professional, even though I am not tech-savvy.

    I removed the background image because it's not compatible with my content. I edited the font style and font size of the page using the Theme Designer on Blogger and played along with the layout to the way I want them to be.

    I am not tech-savvy and do not know HTML. So everything I did to my website was open source and real-time learning.

    As a beginner, I'd tried various free blog templates from another source but, I had a hard time arranging the layout of my website.

    Another thing was the layout of those free blog templates was not the same in desktop and mobile view. That was because I didn't know yet about responsive web design.

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    The most frustrating part of my experience using the free blog templates from another free source was the attribution footer. There's no option to remove the attribution footer to make my website look professional because bloggers should give credit to the template author for using the blog templates they created.

    After those experiments, I switched back to the free Blogger Theme and had easily removed the Powered by Blogger that made my website more professional looking.

    How to remove the Powered by Blogger footer from your blog?

    Here are the nine (9) easy steps to permanently remove the Powered by Blogger from your blog.

    1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard. Click Theme, and under My Theme, click the drop-down button next to Customize, then click Edit HTML.

    blogger dashboard

    2. Put your cursor anywhere on the HTML page, use the CTRL+F on your keyboard, put the below code on the Search box, and press enter:
    html page

    3. Add the below CSS code just above the ]]></b:skin> to hide the Powered by Blogger attribution from your blog.
    html page

    * Should you wish to hide only the Powered by Blogger from your blog, stop here and save your changes. But if you want to remove permanently the Powered by Blogger from your blog, you may continue to the steps below.

    a woman wearing a white shirt in a green background

    Steps to permanently remove the Powered by Blogger attribution

    4. Search for the Attribution1 widget on the HTML page. There are two (2) ways to search for it.

        A. Use the CTRL+F on your keyboard, put Attribution1 on the search box, and press enter.
    html page

        B. Click the jump widget on the upper right corner of the HTML page and choose Attribution1.
    html page

    5. Look for the following codes under the Attribution1:
    html page

    6. Replace them with the following codes:
    html page

    7. Save your changes.

    html page

    8. Once changes are successfully saved, go to your Blogger Layout, and edit the Attribution footer.

    The remove button in the Attribution widget is already visible.

    html page

    9. Click the remove button to delete the Attribution gadget from your blog.

    html page

    Are you having difficulty removing this attribution footer? Let me know in the comment section below.

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