Awesome April | The Daily Inspirational Mantra for April 2021

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Are you having an Awesome April?

April is the fourth month in the Gregorian calendar, and we are already on the last week for this month.

If you're feeling low on motivation this month, here's the list of the inspirational mantra from Momentumdash, an add-on tool of Google, for April 2021 that might help you improve your mood before welcoming the new month.

Mantra is the most simple phrase that motivates you to keep striving to accomplish your goals, even when it seems like you are dragging yourself to continue living.

Daily Inspirational Mantra for April 2021

      Live in the moment.
2      Speak with confidence and self-assurance.
3      Your potential is unlimited.
4      Where your focus goes, your energy flows.
5      Seize the day.
6      Be yourself.
7      Don't be afraid to be wrong.
8      Make your dreams happen.
9      Live with less.
10     Follow your excitement.
11      Forward progress.
12     Express yourself.
13     Act without expectation.
14     Thrive on change.
15     Be present.
16     Collect moments, not things.
17     You can do it.
18     What you resist persists.
19     Dream big dreams.
20    Take a deep breath.
21     Everything you need is within you.
22    You are awesome.
23    Be kind to yourself.
24    Help others.
25    Make it count.
26    Be fearless.
27    Live life.
28    Run your own race.
29    You matter.
30    Care for yourself.

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