Too Painful To Recall

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Too Painful To Recall

Hard as it may seem again
Staring with all the pain
Bear in mind 'twas just a game
But in heart, it was a shame

How could I let this betide
When I still got blear-eyed
I looked up and closed my eyes
But just heard the sad goodbyes

I wish 'twas just a nightmare
Seeking castle in the air
Grabbing every piece to hold
Trying to escape the cold

I opened my eyes and saw
An old and black rose that grow
Full of thorns in each dark bud
Leaves surrounded with cold blood

I touched the arrow-like thorns
But just got deep cuts and burns
I placed my hands in my bosom
And felt 'twas deeply broken

The innermost got shattered
Love and hope were obliterated
How can I dwell this feeling
If it's like a hell burning

My heart's melting and screaming
My mind's silently crying
Gasped to unthink of it all
For 'twas too painful to recall

No more feelings to be drained
No more such love to have cared

Written by MylaRoseG.
Thursday, May 2, 2013

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