The Tiny Silver Birds In A Blue Pine

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The Tiny Silver Birds In A Blue Pine

I was walking alone in a lonely place
With a cute smile that's always on my face
When I heard the birds singing in a choir
Loud but soft that you will surely admire

I slipped my hands in my pockets with glee
Listening to their song delightedly
The wind was giggling without any blare
Afraid to frighten the sounds here and there

I noticed that the flowers were smiling
Their petals and leaves were blithely clapping
Above them were the jazzy butterflies
Circling freely with their black, tiny eyes

In a glimpse, I saw something different
It looks like tiny birds that were heaven sent
Their wings were shining like a crystal clear
Their feathers were bright like a silver tear


How lovely they are flying in one line
Singing joyfully in a big blue pine
But as they flew high like Santa's reindeer
One by one, they fell and disappear

Written by MylaRoseG.
Thursday, May 2, 2013

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