Strange Love

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Strange Love

You put my life in a place
That‘s full of love and happiness
You swept away the sadness
That you‘d seen in my lonely eyes
You filled my empty heart
Full of joy and contentment
You picked up the scattered pieces
And fixed my broken heart

You made me laugh
When I‘m about to cry
And when you hold and squeezed my hands
I felt like I‘m floating in the air
I felt the softness of your palm
That is so good to touch
So good to feel the warmth
So good to think that I‘m in a safe place

You pulled me closer to you
And found myself in your broad chest
It was warm and very comfortable
I put my right hand in your heart
And felt ‘twas beating so fast with doubt
I don‘t understand why
I looked up to ask you why
But your eyes were closed and filled with tears

I hugged you tightly
Hoping that you‘ll do the same thing
But I noticed that you‘re pushing me away from you
I closed my eyes wishing that it‘s not true
But a hot liquid rolled down my face
I opened my eyes full of tears
And saw you walking away

Written by MylaRoseG.
Sunday, October 6, 2013

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