Still Waiting For Your Love

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Still Waiting For Your Love

Sitting sadly alone on my bedside
With tears in my eyes that I cannot hide
Staring at the dark and quiet sky
Waiting for the shooting star to pass by

The stars are not shining shimmering
While the moon is quietly hiding
How am I supposed to see your face?
If all I see was this lightless space?

The night was so quiet and lonely
When the cold wind blows quietly
No sound of crickets chirping everywhere
Yet no sound of your footsteps coming near

Everybody had fallen asleep
But here I am sitting on my feet
Still waiting for your love to arrive
That will make my empty heart alive

But how long should I wait for you here?
Is it worth waiting for your love, dear?
Whatever happens, I'll be the sky
‘Coz my love for you will never die

Written by MylaRoseG.
Thursday, May 30, 2013

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