Please Stay

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Please Stay

I found myself walking barefooted under the rain
On a cold, dark, and lonely night
I was alone, shivering and freezin'
In a white nightgown
I tried to look around
But I saw nothing
All I can see was the darkness of the night
And raindrops was all I can feel
I tried to call your name
But no voice came out in my mouth
I am still freezin' and still walking in the middle of nowhere
I embraced myself and felt that my heart was beating too fast

I was so terrified, and my feet were trembling
I don't know where I am
I don't know this place
I tried to run but, I stumbled and fell to the ground
I tried to get up but, I can't move my body
My feet were in a great pain
My heart was broken, and crying inside
And felt my tears run down my face
I tried to shout many times
Somebody help me, please?
But I heard nothing, not even my voice
For 'twas my mind that kept shouting for help

It's so painful
Knowing that I'm the only person in this dark and unknown place
So deeply broken
While my tears flowed so hard as I plead
Where are you?
Will you please stay with me?
'Coz I don't know what to do
If you're not here with me
Please, I am longing for your love,
Your touch, your kiss, your comfort
The whole you, is the only thing I needed
Now and forever
Please come and stay with me

Written by MylaRoseG.
Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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