March is for Magical Words! Daily Inspirational Mantra for March 2021

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Momentum Screenshot Daily Inspirational Mantra from Momentum for March 2021

March is for Magical Words!

Here's the compilation of my daily mantra from Momentumdash for March year 2021.

These are the simple but powerful phrases from different sources that helped me motivated every day.

Daily Motivational Mantra for March 2021

      Maintain your balance.
     Be a victor, not a victim.
     Do more of what makes you happy.
     Let your light shine.
     Ride the waves.
     Keep moving forward.
     Trust yourself.
     You are capable of wonderful things.
     Live simply.
10     Begin.
11      Be here now.
12     Action conquers fear.
13     Stay hungry; stay foolish.
14     Enjoy the present moment.
15     Smile, breathe and go slowly.

They changed every time I open my browser, and I got them for free using a Google browser.

You can also add this Momentumdash using a Yahoo browser.

Daily Motivational Mantra for March 2021

16     Trust your intuition.
17     Dream big.
18     Work smarter, not harder.
19     Choose joy.
20    Wonder begets wisdom.
21     Strive for greatness.
22    You become what you believe.
23    Empty your cup.
24    Invest in yourself.
25    All is well.
26    Be gentle with yourself.
27    Live consciously.
28    Enjoy today.
29    Trust your instincts.
30    Inhale love. Exhale gratitude.
31     Do it now.

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