At The Coffee Shop

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At The Coffee Shop

One boring Saturday afternoon, 
At the corner of the coffee shop
I saw a lone table on that spot.
It's round and small with three wooden chairs
That's perfect for me if I sit there.

I hurriedly went to that corner
And waited patiently for my order.
One medium-sized cold frappe java chips, 
That's perfect to beat the summer heat.

While waiting, I watched the people walking by
And listened to their laughter that's so high.
Some of them were smiling, some were not.
Most were in a hurry and few were not.

Inside the cozy coffee shop, 
Some couples were seriously talking, 
An old man was busily reading, 
And a group of friends came noisily
Arguing with something casually.

I took a quick look on my right side
And saw this elegant, handsome guy.
He's scanning seriously at his iPhone
Like he was in a great battle zone.

I got bedazzled when he took a quick sip.
His fingers were long and has a pinkish tip.
He has red hair that's shining and burning like a flame.
His lips were pouting, seducing with no shame.

A minute after dreaming up, 
While looking at him admiringly, 
Our eyes had met accidentally.
He has this face that's so good-looking
It's so perfect like a prince charming.

He stared at me with a puzzled look.
And raised his curly eyebrows and shook.
I got awakened from daydreaming, 
When he gave me a cold stare that stings.

I looked away and took a sip gracefully.
Then I glanced in his direction secretly.
I just smiled to myself for my silly thoughts, 
And had a goofy moment with what I bought.

Written by MylaRoseG.
Friday, September 18, 2015

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