The English and Modern Filipino Alphabets

 The English and Modern Filipino Alphabets - Effective Reading Guide for Kids

Practice Makes Perfect, and Creativity is the Key!

I am not a teacher by profession. I am working from home, and my shift starts in the afternoon.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, all of the classes from all levels are now online.

Luckily, my schedule at work and my current work setup are perfect for my Grade-1 nephew's virtual class.

Before the pandemic happened, he knows the alphabet and can distinguish each letter from all other letters.

But, he can't read the syllables yet.

However, when the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) has implemented due to the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone was at home, and he has surrounded by gamers and has immersed in online games.

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, everyone was stressed, worried, and afraid of getting the virus.

For this very reason, we didn't know that our nephew had forgotten what he had learned from school.

When the virtual class has started, our dilemma began.

Our nephew can barely recognize the alphabet.

He can't remember the letter at random without singing the alphabet song and has to start with the letter A.

The first quarter of his class has finished but, he still doesn't know how to read.

He had a hard time remembering the sounds of the letters as well.

He also doesn't know how to write most of the alphabets without a cheat sheet.

I am working full time and often work overtime which is why we have limited time to study.

Practice makes perfect and creativity is the key - effective reading guide for kids
It was a pain in the ass but, I didn't dare to give up.

I tried various approaches to teach my nephew to read and memorize the alphabet but, none of those work.

I researched online and printed some of the reading materials but to no avail.

I came up with an idea and created reading materials vowel per vowel in PDF format.

To my surprise, with a limited time to study, he can read now.

I taught him first to read the Tagalog words syllables per syllables.

Most of the time, he got confused with the phonics Ca, Ga, Ka, Da, Na, and Va but, he was able to learn it eventually through practice reading.

When I'm about to teach him to read some English words with the medial letter Aa, he recognized the syllables pretty well and read them with minimal direction.

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To start, introduce first to your child the alphabet, their sounds and start reading using phonetics.

It's okay if they can't master it on the first go.

Don't force them to memorize everything as they easily get bored if the lesson is repetitive.

Instead, introduce the other phonics little by little, as they will get used to reading them.

If they are not in the mood to study, let them go as they won't absorb the lesson you teach them.

The English Alphabet

The English alphabet has 26 letters.

It is easy to learn because of the Alphabet or ABC song that is very popular with kids.

Nowadays, this Alphabet Song has lots of versions and is available on Youtube.

The below picture is the English alphabet, and follow along with the song on Youtube that your child will surely like.

The English Alphabet Effective Reading Guide for Kids

The Official/Modern Filipino Alphabet

The Modern Filipino alphabet has 28 letters, including the consonant letters Ññ and NGng.

It also has a song and is just the same as the ABC song with the additional consonant letters Ññ and NGng.

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Your opinion matters so feel free to comment your thoughts on the comment section. Rest assured that your email address will not be published.

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