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I Am Rich!

  I Am Rich! I am rich, For I have a complete family. I have my parents' love and care, I have lovable and thoughtful sisters, And I have naughty but sweet nephews. I live under my parents' roof, Full of love and support. They do not disagree with my decisions, They do not interfere with my dreams in life. I may always hear my sisters' negative opinions, But I know that it's for my own gain, And I know that they're just worried about me. I love them as they are my inspiration in life, They are my motivation to pursue my goals, And they are the reason why I am determined at work. I may not have a thick wallet full of bills, But my heart is bursting because of their love. I may not have credit cards or a savings account, But for me, they are my most precious treasure in life. Nothing can replace them, Nothing can buy them, And nothing can take away their love from me. I am rich, For I have many friends. Old friends, New friends, Close friends and best friends. I ma

Failure I Had Found

  Failure I Had Found I went to a place and looked for something, I searched all over the ground but found nothing. I looked up at the sky and closed my eyes, Bit my lips and wished it would be high. But things there weren't right and selfish, Things were cold and hard to accept. It's not worth the effort, It's not worth the time to waste. I traveled to forget those things and unwind, Then I found You, and I was relieved. Relieved that you'll be there for me, Relieved that you'll save and catch me. But to be with you weren't right and hopeless, To be with you was discomforting and full of lies. It's not worth believing, It's not worth trusting. I searched again and found something new and interesting, And this one was worth the golden time and mesmerizing. But as days went by happily, One mistake had torn me dreadfully. Things in this place weren't right and fearful, Things in this place were burdensome and awful. It's not worth fighting, It&#

Hyphenated Words with the Vowel Letter O in Big Letters

  Use  Canva Pro   for f ree social media designs! Effective Reading Materials for Kids The hyphenated words are the best and effective reading approach for beginners. Previously, your child learned to read the words with the vowel letters A , E , and I in big letters. To improve your child's reading, here are the hyphenated words with the vowel letter O in big letters. Similar to the previous hyphenated words with the vowel letters A , E , and I , the majority of the sample words are Tagalog. The rest are either in English or in other languages. In this reading materials, most of the sample words for the consonant letters C, F, J, V, and Z, are English words. Because in Tagalog , there are rare words that start with these letters followed by a vowel letter O.   Combining the vowel letters in a word is the best way for the kids to practice what they've learned from the previous reading guide . The first vowel of the first syllable is the vowel letter O. The following syllab

The Truth of Life

  The Truth of Life Sunrise is life, Sunset is death. Sunshine is dashing, Rain is heartrending. Flowers are smiling, Waterfalls are crying. Love is inspiring, Expectation's heart killing.   Our life has a sad story, Yet full of sweet memories. We may be sad today, But tomorrow we are happy. We may be feeling down today, But our blessings are on their way. We may be lost our way, But the light is waiting in a faraway. Our life is short, Our life is not permanent. We may die alone, And everything will be unknown. But our soul will be at home, It will be in God's paradise and throne. It will be at peace and will never be alone, And love will still be in the moon.   Life is easy, Life sometimes is busy. We forget the small things that are important to us, And tend to focus on those that only hurt us. We forget those people who love us, And look for someone who is not meant for us. Life is truly like a rosary, As it is full of mystery. We always do our best, But it is not eno

Unhyphenated Words with the Small Vowel Letter I

  Effective Reading Materials for Kids After reading the  hyphenated words in small   letters , practice your child's reading skills by removing the hyphen on each syllables. Here are the unhyphenated words of the  syllable words  with the   vowel letter i   in small letters. In this blog post, the first vowel of the first syllable is the  vowel letter i , followed by either the  vowel letter a  or  vowel letter e  in small letters. Similar to the previous reading materials, the majority of the sample words are  Tagalog . The rest are either in  English  or in other languages. This method is the best way for the kids to practice what they've learned from the previous reading guide . You will notice that there's no examples for the consonant letters J, Q, X, and Y. The reason behind that is, there are rare words that start with these letters followed by a vowel letter I. Effective Reading Guide

I Am Weak

  I Am Weak I am brave But deep inside, I am frail. I am afraid to fall. I am afraid of getting hurt. I am scared to try something new. As I don't want to commit mistakes, And I don't want to regret it. Some people think that, I am mighty and bright. They didn't know, That I have a fragile heart. Self-confidence, I don't have it. Self-esteem, I also don't have it. Most people think that I am terrible, They didn't know that I am delicate inside. One wrong word will make me discouraged. One wrong step will make me broken. One wrong decision will make me hopeless, And I give up without considering the consequences. Thus, I am weak. Written by MylaRoseG. Tuesday, May 11, 2021 Poetry Collection

Love Full of Fears

  Love Full of Fears Deep down in these dreams, lies the empty heart that cares, An empty heart that's full of loneliness and fear. Immovable and hiding behind the dark wall, Afraid to stand up high, for it doesn't want to fall. Under some lonely nights, hides the cold crystal tears, Weak and unable to move when the strong wind stirs. Up above the sky, the lonely mind cannot fly, Cannot go the distance, for there's no lullaby. One freezing gloomy night, a bone-chilling wind blew, Harsh and loud, it whistled a lonely sound and flew. Far across the distance, snazzy lights were hiding, Filled with fears to be thrown away without holding. Love is fearful because of the pain and sorrow, Love is hateful 'coz of the loneliness it brings. Love's hurtful 'coz of mistrust and disloyalty, Love is vulnerable, for it's everyone's weakness. Written by MylaRoseG. Sunday, January 3, 2016 Poetry Collection